Posted by: andrewritchie | January 26, 2010

Proletarian cyclists of the world

Proletarian cyclists of the world, unite!

Email other photos to me, and I will post them if they meet the necessary criteria for the rider to be considered a proletarian cyclist [my criteria, of course!]

I’m especially interested in creative re-use. No equipment freaks may apply. No carbon fibre, please. No recognizable Italian or Japanese components. Nothing that looks as if it just came from a shop.

Preferably, it’s a well-loved bicycle, like the one below, which has been a good tool, and probably a good friend, too.

Contribution #1 is exactly the kind of image I’m looking for. Thank you, Lena!

Lena's happy Russian cyclist


Geoff Apps - UK mountain bike pioneer: thanks Chris


Martin's New Guinea proletarian


Time trial techno geek U.K. #1 - 1930s

Time trial techno geek U.K. #2 - 1930s

Dick Swan 1/2/3

Dick Swann, WWII, #1

Dick Swann, WWII, #2

Dick Swann, WWII, #3

Brompton in the English snow

This Brompton in the recent English snow hints at a prol. cyclist nearby!

Chinese tricyclist

Tanzanian cyclist

Hauling firewood


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