Posted by: andrewritchie | April 21, 2012

Illustrations and photographs from Quest for Speed – my new book

Quest for Speed illustrations

These are some of the illustrations contained in Quest for Speed – and all have informative captions

High-wheel bicycle racing in Winona, Minnesota in the late 1880s

Richard Howell, 1887

Varieties of early bicycle/velocipede racing and riding

The Origins of Bicycle Racing in England

Athletics in Derby, 1869, showing the context for the earliest bicycle racing

French velocipede rider - 1869

Velocipede riders in San Francisco - 1869

James Moore, with the bicycle on which he won the Paris-Rouen race in Nov. 1869

Design changes in a 5-year period (1869-1874) from the velocipede to the early high-wheel bicycle

Transitional English high-wheeler - early 1870s


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